Kirby Myers | 1 Dec 2016 - Photos de Cirque | Creating With Lights

Back to Basics, trying a simple setup in the beginning of this photo shoot, one light only, diffused from the right, a classic soft look on a wonderful model. We then moved to a crazy colour gel funky look. It is amazing what models can bring to the photographer, there is the inspiration, of course, but more than that every model is unique in her style and poses. The energy and attitude of the model inspired me a lot during this shoot.

Kirby can achieve whatever look and style when asked, from soft and delicate to funky and wild look. We went with the inspiration of the moment.

I always feel privileged to be able to meet and connect with such wonderful people, like Kirby Myers and can't thank her enough for coming to the studio in a short notice to test some new lighting setup with me.

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